The Bernese Mountain Dog is a working breed.  He should have a square
head, a robust build, slightly longer than he is tall.............

Please take the time to read the Breed Standard for the Bernese
Mountain Dog.  This information will help you in many ways.  It will help
you understand the qualities of the dog, the temperment, and whether
a Berner would be a compatable match for you!!  The following links will
bring you to the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America's web-site
(BMDCA).  Listed here is the complete guide to the Breed Standard.
Breed Standard (BMDCA)
About the Bernese Mountain Dog (BMDCA)
      BMDCA Info series                   
This is terrific information to read through
if you are interested in owning a BMD!!
This is another great web-site full of
information about the Bernese Mountain Dog.