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WOW, not sure what else I can say as a first-timer at the
Canfield Dog Show.  That place is huge!  Never thought a
golf cart would be a necessity, but so glad we had one. Lot
29 and our RV was way, way far from the BMD ring!  If
Miles had to walk there from our RV in the heat, he would
have certainly laid down for his stand for exam!
The shopping was great and we admit to spending too much
on dog stuff.  The Hot Java had excellent food and very
good coffee.  The heat was brutal at times but better than
pouring rain.  Pascal and I were very pleased with the warm
welcome received by fellow participants and members of
the North Coast club.  The Judges we encountered were
very friendly and seemed to go over the dogs well and take
their time choosing.   It was a personal accomplishment for
myself to go out there and actually go in the ring with my
dog!  Miles and I are a work in progress but we had lots of
fun and hope to continue getting some blue ribbons and a
few purple ones when he is older!!  Being RV neighbors with
Signe was a pleasure and also enjoyed the company of many
BMD friends outside the ring events.  Really a wonderful
and happy experience for us Gartmanns.  I was also so
pleased to see so many Buckeye members either
participating in the events or there to be our
cheerleaders!!  Sincerely, Patty Gartmann
A RECAP of our members at the Canfield Dog Show:
WESTAWAYS:  Both Shine and Thor are now CGC pups!!  Shine
placed in his class during Puppy Sweeps and TOBIE was looking
wonderful in the Veteran Sweeps as a 10 year old!!!
Signe Strawser:  Benson had excellent scores each day as he
competed in a new AKC event, Beginner Novice Obedience!!!  He now
has a new title, gorgeous ribbon, and a BN at the end of his name!!
Gartmanns:  Miles placed 1st in the 6-9Mth class on Saturday.  Rocco
passed his heart and eye exams at the clinic and enjoyed himself as
Miles' cheerleader hidden back behind the ring!!
Paula Pollock, Nicole Stonitsch, and Natalie Ellis were also
present to watch the festivities and enjoy the Canfield show.  Yukon
was adorable and spent time with Rocco and Miles in the cool RV while
the humans went shopping in the awful heat!!
Vilma Briggs: Buzz earned two UD legs!!
Dabberts:  14 mth old Nash was looking awesome all weekend.  He
was Winners Dog for a 5pt major on Friday.  4 mth old Hope was
stealing hearts as a spectator while the other Dabbert BMDs enjoyed
their hacienda accommodations!! :-)
THANK YOU to all members who were present!!  It was a really
fun dog show and hope we can add to our members attending
next year.
Our camera battery pooped out on
us Friday early in the day!  :-(
If you have pictures to share, please
email them to me at
pg4mk@fuse.net and I will post
them here!!!
Thank you
Berner Specialty - August 2011