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Keep up-to-date on the latest happenings in the
Buckeye Bernese Mountain Dog Club.
Another beautiful day for the Reindog Parade in Mt. Adams, OH!!  There
was no snow but the town was festive and the crowd was bigger than ever.  
We were a group of  12 members, 10 BMDs and 3 guests. We had club a
meeting along with some holiday cheer before the parade.  Here are some of
the highlights of the meeting:
We welcomed ELEVEN new members to our club in 2011!!!
We held the following events in 2011:
July Drafting Clinic
Circleville Pumpkin Parade followed by BBQ and MEETING
Puppy Up Walk in Cinci and Circleville
Veterans Day Parade
Gahanna Holiday Lights Parade
Reindog Parade and MEETING
Our Buckeye BMDC had a fantastic 2011.  We were very busy and social
and made big steps to becoming a Regional club for the BMDCA.  Thank you
to all of our members for their continued enthusiasm for our club.  Welcome
to the many new members.  Looking forward to a successful 2012!!
PLEASE REMEMBER to send me your Winter
Snow pictures!!  I am always happy to receive
them and put them in my projects folder for
future calendars and other projects.
I just LOVE this photo of Paula and Dude taking Cadi for a ride! Look at her happy face!