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JUNE 2011 & JULY 2011
Hello members!!  If you have a Berner birthday to share or a fun story or
great photo.......please send it to pg4mk@fuse.net.   We would love to
know what you and your Berner or Berners are up to!!   Summer time is a
time for extra fun, WATER, beaches, lakes, trails, picnics, etc etc.....
Please share your Summer activities with us on our web-site NEWS pages!!
Buckeye Bernese
Mountain dog Club!!
Welcome to new
member, Ann Brieck,
We look forward to
getting to know Ann
and her Berner mix
boy, Harry!!
LATTE owned by
Vilma Briggs!!!
experience to go on.  It was very successful and we had several very enthusiastic
Berners working their carts in no time!  Carol was sizing and adjusting harnesses
and I bet Barb W got a few calls for orders following the day!!
 Yukon was our
smallest participant and he did well wearing his harness and looking like a pro!  
Also in attendance to draft were Maddie, Rocco, Sophie, Luther, Gus, Dori, Bumper
and Mouse....Miles, Beacon and Sara were also enjoying the day but did not
attempt drafting! lol  
   Another drafting clinic is being planned for late August in the
Columbus area.  The BBMDC supplied coffee, donuts, and water for the members.
Thank you ALL for coming and being part of our DRAFTING CLINIC!!
Members in attendance:  Gay Norris, Annie P, Gartmanns, Bartizeks, Signe S, Carol
and Mark S, Nicole S, Cindy and Tom L, and Carla K.
Happy 1st Birthday
to ROCCO, owned
by Gartmanns
SEPTEMBER 25, 2011

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