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JUNE 2012
Meeting/Gathering as a recognized
Regioanl Club for the BMDCA!!
June 16, 2012
YES, it was very exciting to have our first meeting as a
regional club!  It was a hot morning in June and we had a
great turnout with 24 BMDs and their people.  Bumper kept
cool as the plastic pool was full of water!  He is a riot!  
We also had a few other takers enjoy the pool as well.  
We had great food and great beverages and great
company!  Lots to celebrate and lots to look forward to.
There was some draft training going on and some new
faces at out meeting.  Many thanks to all who brought the
delicious food to share and the drinks!  Thanks also to the
members who stepped up and volunteered to take on a
project for the club.
We hope to have another morning gathering in July to work
with Agility equipment and Rally signs.  Photos posted are
from Natalie Bartizek, Bob Norris and Carol Stephenson.