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MARCH 2012
Queen City Obedience and Rally Trial
Since it was me who started this in motion, I will happily
report how it went.  Carla, Signe, Patty, David and
Vilma were all participating in the Queen City Obe and
Rally trials on March 10 and 11.  For Carla and Patty,
with their BMDs, this was a first and they get extra
credit points!! lol  We can be so proud of our Buckeye
BMDS, all did so well and earned those green ribbons
(legs toward a title)  Unfortunately, the scheduling of
events was not very clever and the days were very very
long.  However it was great to spend some time with my
BMD friends and BMDs.  We did meet some very nice
dog people and had time for a trip to play with puppies
and go out to lunch. :-)  
Miles earned two legs of his Rally Novice title and two
first place ribbons.   Rocco earned one leg toward his
CD and also a first place ribbon.  Maddie earned two
legs of her Beginner Novice title and two legs in Rally
Excellent.  I believed she placed first and third and
received pretty ribbons for that. Dixie earned a leg of
her Rally Novice title on Sat.  Luther earned a leg of
his and a second place ribbon on Sunday.  David
finished up Shine and earned the  Rally Advanced title
and then one leg of Rally Excellent on Sunday.  Vilma
and Latte competed on Saturday and as always looked
stunning in the ring together.
Registration for BERNER U and banquets, catalogs etc
are due NOW.  Post marked by March 10th or on line
until March 17th.   DON'T DELAY!!!
Berner U is always fantastic!!  National Specialty is
coming fast. Looking forward to it. ARE YOU
Our application to become a regional club
for the BMDCA has been sent.  Thank you
to all of our members who helped us
reach this point.  It has been a
wonderfully fun three years as a club,
and I know you join me in looking forward
to serving the BMDCA and the BMD breed
as a regional club.