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MAY 2012
Gettysburg, PA
Wow! What a week for our club.  We had 13 members attending and 22
 We were entered in many different things and so I want to say
here....CONGRATS to all who entered something and participated in
competing with Berners from all over the country!
Some of us stayed in the host hotel, some in RVs and some in off site
hotels.  Some of us went to BERNER U classes and learned lots of great
stuff.  Some of us had LONG SHOTS done and photos entered.  Some of us
had Heart and Eye cerfs done..............but ALL of us had FUN!

I report here how Specialty was for the Gartmanns and hope that I will add
reports from other members that attended very soon.
MILES earned his Rally Novice Title and Rocco earned a leg in both Rally
Novice and Obedience while at Specialty.  Miles had his heart and eyes
checked out and we brought home lovely LONG SHOT photos.  Kiss and
Scarlet were along with us and made at least 100 friends!!   Pascal and I
enjoyed great times with our friends and made some new ones too.
Reflections on the 2012 Specialty
By Natalie Shubert
Gettysburg was my first specialty! I will remember 2012 as
the year I became more familiar with what a specialty is
like and the full scope of the BMDCA’s talents –
extraordinary! Seeing hundreds of content, well-trained,
and satisfied Berners and their owners (also happy and
well-trained) inspired me to be more active in the
performance ring. Highlights from our trip included
watching friends dominate the obedience and rally rings,
the veteran dogs flaunting their maturity and grace in the
show ring, and the health clinic where hundreds of DNA
samples were taken in the name of good health and
longevity. Because of this specialty, my future goals
include obedience titles for my dogs and becoming a
more active donor in regional and national Bernese fund-
raising efforts.
I guess the sight I will never forget at the BMD
Nationals in Gettysburg was the front field of the
Eisenhower complex filled with BMDs proudly pulling
their carts.  A mighty and majestic breed at work.  It
was such a beautiful sight.  Spending time with with my
best furry friends, the Buckeye crew and their best
furry friends, what a wonderful week we had!!! Luther &
Dixie earned their Rally Novice Titles at Nationals.  
What a wonderful time I had in Gettysburg, PA with
Dude!  I don’t think we had the radio on for but 5
minutes the whole trip.  Very nice travels and the
weather was perfect!  It’s really hard to keep this to a
paragraph… so I will touch on all the fun daily stuff –
Daily Hospitality Center for breakfast; meeting my
Facebook and Berner L friends; the daily Apple
Blossom Gazette (for seeing the past day’s
completion results); classes (Reiki, Rescue Gallery
and Needle Felting were my favorites); competitions;
parades, Health Auction and Longshot Photos (with
Pat Long and Joye Neff).  Marvelous week!  Already
talking to Jim for Colorado trip… but then he reminds
that Virginia in 2014 is much closer!  If you get the
chance to go to a Specialty… go!
Becky & Timber