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Hi everyone,

We went to the Clermont county dog show
this weekend and had a great time.
Shine got two legs of the obedeince title CD
( you need three legs to get the title ). He
passed both days so that gave him two legs.

He also got a Group 1 (first place in the
working group) in a puppy match that was
held right after the main show on Sat.

He did well in the regular conformation part
too, but no first places there.
An honorary member of our club, SADIE,
turned 10 on Sept 4th.  Sadie may not be a BMD
but she is loved by all and cherished by the
Gartmann family.
to sweet SADIE !!
CAESERS and their pups
enjoyed an end of Summer
pool day for the dogs!!
Pollacks, Caesars and Bartizeks
are also part of a BMD and
Golden playgroup that meets
once a month!!  They have had
some very fun days swiming
and playing with all the dogs.  
Please contact Becky or Paula
for that contact info if you would
like to join.
an open pool event on labor
day weekend.  No  photos
WOW, what a day we had at our Puppy-Fun Match.  We were thrilled to
Judges were all great and so many terrific dogs to see and meet!  
Rally and Obedience was open to ALL BREEDS and conformation was
just for BMDs. We included a spayed and nuetered class in our
conformation competition
We had 44 dogs register for events
There were 39 total entries for the Obedience classes
There were 20 total entries for Rally classes
There were 19 BMD entries in Conformation
Special thanks to our three Judges:  Vilma Briggs, Carol Plank and
Fara Bushnell

Conformation Results:
3-6 mths 1stplace: Starkenhund's Humming Along with Mozart (Mozzie)

6-9mths  1st place: Big Darby's Flash on Black Ice (Shine), 2nd place:
Chalet's Alpine Crossing Borders (Miles)

9 - 12 mths 1st place: Hidden Oaks Ruby's Mamas Boy (Rudy), 2nd
place: Werlwind's Jailhouse Rock Chalet

12-18mth Werlwind's Hail to the Chief (Roman)

Nuetered: 1st place: Dylan Murphy von Alpenschatz (Murphy), 2nd
place: Arundel's Best Kept Secret (Benson), 3rd place: Caesar's
Stoney Ridge Rush of Timber (Timber), 4th place: 'Nother Bump in the
Road (Bumper)


3-6mths 1st place: Owlcreeks Make the Dream Happen (Hope), 2nd
place: Hickory's View of the Bay (Vista)

9 - 12mths  1st place: Hidden Oaks Ruby's Blessing (Blessing), 2nd
place: Hidden Oaks Maizey Grace (Maizey), 3rd place: Werlwind's Busy
Being Fabulous (Alexa)

12-18mths 1st place Moonlight Serenade (Sara)

spayed:  1st place: Blue Mountains Victory Garden (Violet), 2nd place:
Villairn's Glory See How She Runs (Mouse), 3rd place: Million Dollar
Baby (Maddie)

Junior Puppy BOB: Starkenhund's Humming Along with Mozart (Mozzie)
Senior Puppy BOB: Hidden Oaks Ruby's Blessing (Blessing)
Adult BOB: Blue Mountain Victory Garden (Violet)
Best in Match: Hidden Oaks Ruby's Blessing (Blessing)
BOS in Match: Big Darby's Flash on Black Ice (Shine)

Some other BMDs winning ribbons:
Vilma's Buzz won 2nd place in Open Obedience
Natalie's Roman won 1st place in Beginner Obedience: Penne Smith's
Amadeus won 2nd place and Signe Strawser's Benson won 4th place
Westaway's Shine won 1st place in the Rally Novice class, Patty
Gartmann's Rocco won 2nd place

All in all, it was a very Fun day.  The Buckeye club thanks everyone for
coming out to our Match.  We are looking forward to becoming a
regional club very soon!!
Patty Gartmann
Buckeye BMDC
THANK YOU to all of
our wonderful
stepping up all day!!
The BBMDC is a
terrific club!!
Natalie Shubert with Roman and Alexa
David and Noelle Houben with Jessica
and Gunter
Michele Resta and Rudy
Isabella Palmisano